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Alex has been successfully making ceramics for at least twenty years and she is still discovering new techniques. Alex is fascinated with creating ceramics because she finds the material such a great medium to work with, good fun and very responsive, consequently she is never ever bored.

Amongst other wonderful animals Alex makes a lot of dogs.

‘I think it's because they're everywhere and raw, there's no hiding their feelings,' expresses Alex. ‘We're surrounded by these excited, angry, frustrated and frightened creatures, raw emotion on a lead.’

Alex describes that she is drawn to the figure, be that animal or human. Drawn to the absurd and humourous, as well as a splattering of sentimentality. Alex makes the pieces that she likes to be surrounded by, simply, creating her own reality. The whole aim been for people to enjoy and relate to the pieces, as Alex relates to what she is seeing and then making !

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