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John makes raku-fired ceramic vessels decorated with terra sigillata, lustre and smoke. Influenced mainly by the materials he uses, the place that he lives and it's history. John enjoys working with a limited set of materials, some of which are locally sourced, and through a process of observation and development, refining the pots that he makes from them.

The pots are thrown with a very smooth white clay body, turned, dried and coated with several layers of Terra Sigillata– a highly refined, extremely smooth slip. After biscuit firing the decoration is applied using precious metal lustres printed using small handmade rubber stamps. After hardening on the lustre the pot is Raku fired in a small gas kiln and smoked in order to blacken the surface of the slip. This final smoke firing modifies the lustre and creates a rich, sensual surface.

The nature of Raku is fragile, decorative and not suitable for utilitarian use but creates a surface unlike any other ceramics and is prized for its unique qualities.

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