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It is in places where the sea meets the land that painter Sue Nichol finds constant inspiration and a sense of wonder. The challenge lies in capturing its fleeting moods and merciless sense of power which for her is an offering both fascinating and frightening.

This infatuation with the diverse nature of Britain’s coastlines began at an early age for Sue. Ever since being a child she loved visiting the small fishing village of Staithes, its unrelenting charm as permanent as the sea by which it is surrounded. When a young girl her father would recite the tales of its rich history to her, days of smuggling, the fishing bonnets, and Captain Cook. Of course the beauty and heritage of such a place has acted as inspiration for many artists before Sue. Most notably the “Staithes group” which included a number of renowned 19th century artists such as Edward E. Anderson, Joseph R. Bagshawe and Thomas Barrett. For Sue, like so many, Staithes offers a sense endless beauty and unbridled charisma.

She paints using a number of mediums, mainly oil, acrylics and ink. Additionally using things like sand, paste and sea coal to give an authentic sense of texture to her work. Applying these to the canvas using whatever necessary to produce the desired effect, brushes, fingers, sticks, knives, pens or anything else that can mark the canvas.

Sue’s inherent admiration and genuine understanding of costal Britain is what makes her work so truly representative of such places. A mere glance at one of her landscapes is capable of sweeping you into a new world or place of mind, and once there we are exposed to an uncompromising view of the elements, invited to see them in their truest nature.

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