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Although Terry Everitt began his artistic career as a painter of birds it wasn’t until sometime in the mid nineties that he decided to refresh his approach and turn his skills towards the medium of wood. For some time he had displayed his highly detailed watercolour paintings of birds of prey at various craft fairs and art exhibitions, but it soon become apparent that there was in fact a great deal of other “bird artists” producing work which was at least in same vein as his. It was this realisation that ultimately led Terry to considering a new approach in his art and is why we see the beautiful woodcarvings he procures today.

Terry’s very first carving was of a miniature Barn Owl which he placed in a lit box with suitably sized surroundings. This piece was named the “Naturebox” and would quickly gain the attention of a number of Norfolk newspapers as well as being the focus of a four page article in “Woodcarving Magazine”. With his new found success Terry decided to cut back on producing his signature boxes, instead focusing on perfecting the art of carving birds.

Five years have passed since this milestone in Terry’s life. Now, from his new home on the river Waveney in Suffolk he continues to create his impeccably life like sculptures with a grace and finesse that is far from easily replicated. So much so that Terry has even found himself providing tuition to numerous artists from around the world in recent years. Terry is very much open to working on commissioned pieces and will be more than happy to discuss any ideas you have. Every item he makes is unique and will be the only one of its kind produced by him.

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